Mustaqbal Prize 2021 - TGCC foundation for Art and Culture -


01/09/2021 12:00 am - 31/08/2022 12:00 am


Casablanca - Morocco


Artistic Prize

First edition of


Young Contemporary Creation Competition

  • 1st prize : Khadija El Abyad
  • 2nd price : Khadija Jayi
  • 3rd price : Amina Azreg

Finalists :


Selections for the current 3rd edition!

TGCC Foundation for Art and Culture launches its call for applications for the third edition of the Mustaqbal Prize. Aimed at young Moroccan artists or residents in Morocco, this annual competition aims to highlight the Young Contemporary Creation.

Since 2021, an exceptional jury has carefully selected a minimum of 10 talented artists, who have the opportunity to exhibit their works in the foundation’s Art Space, Artorium. Three of these selected artists are designated winners and participate in an artist residency at Jardin Rouge – Marrakesh. This opportunity is made possible thanks to the support of the Montresso Foundation*.

During its first edition, the Mustaqbal Prize distinguished three artists: Khadija El Abyad, Khadija Jayi and Amina Azreg. For its second edition, the jury rewarded three other emerging talents: Mohamed Al Mahdi Ali Bouha, Mouad El Bissaoui and Malek Sordo.

For this third edition, the competition is open to amateur and professional photographers aged 18 to 30, with the following theme “Intersection-Human 2.0”.. Photographers are invited to explore the notion of convergence between the old world and the new, where technology and humans intertwine and where the very notion of free will becomes uncertain. Human 2.0 is a human contemplating modern society and asking questions about today’s world, watching as past, present and future become one, if only for the time of a snapshot.

Some fifty artists will be pre-selected by our Jury of experts on the basis of their application files, in which they will be asked to present a series of 6 to 12 photographs. These artists will then undergo a second stage of selection in front of the jury.

The finalists (between 10 and 15) will then exhibit their work at Artorium, the TGCC Foundation’s art space, and will be eligible for one of the 3 prizes awarded for this third edition:

– The 1st Prize Mobile Photography

– The 1st Prize Digital Photography

– The 1st Prize for Old Process Photography (color silver, black & white silver, wet collodion, cyanotype, tintype etc.)

Theintersection is a space of resistance and renewal, where the social and aesthetic issues of our time converge. By immortalizing moments of life, the photographers encourage us to take the time to contemplate and reflect on our place in this ever-changing world. In today’s society, where technology, artificial intelligence and digitalization have reached unprecedented proportions, the very notion of choice is becoming almost illusory.

This is why it is essential to question the moment and capture the moment for future generations.


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